Where has all the celery gone?

Updated: May 10

Celery juicing is the latest natural health remedy to gain attention and now labeled as a miraculous superfood. You might have noticed celery missing from the grocery shelves as many people are trying out this simple and healing juice. The Medical Medium, Anthony William, has created a large following of people that claim this simple herb has many healing benefits. Just to name a few here is a list we found:

Protects Liver Health

•Lowers Inflammation

•Helps Prevent Ulcers

•Supports Weight Loss

•Helps Eczema & Psoriasis

•Prevents High Blood Pressure

•Helps Lower High Cholesterol

•Healing For Acne

Seems pretty amazing that something as simple as celery can provide so many health benefits. If you are interested in trying celery juice out yourself, here are some instructions.

-Try to buy organic celery and make sure you wash the celery thoroughly prior to juicing

-Juice enough celery to make 16 ounces. You may use a juicer or a blender. If blending, you will need to strain the blended celery through cheesecloth.

-Drink the 16 ounces of celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

-Enjoy the healing benefits!

What caught my attention the most with juicing celery is the healing and detoxifying it provides for the liver. Spring is the season of the liver. As we enter a new season our liver is working extra hard to clear out toxins that have accumulated from the holiday season and Puerto rican winters. :) A sluggish liver could cause unexplainable fatigue, depression, irritability or anger, mood swings, feeling overwhelmed by stress, PMS or hormonal imbalance, headaches, allergies, skin breakouts, bloating, gas and sluggish digestion.

Here are a few tips for Spring cleaning your liver:

•Regular Chiropractic care

•Massage or total body stretching using Assisted Stretch

•Juicing Celery

•Dry brushing the skin

•Daily exercise

•Eating more green vegetables

•Dandelion root/leaf tea

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