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Meet Dr. Tomey & Our Team

You deserve to find the best chiropractor for you
and your whole family. 

At Aviva Family Chiropractic our goal is to create space in the body for optimum healing, so you can break free from pain and get back to the activities you love.


If you are looking to improve performance, increase energy, stay active or avoid surgery, our personalized treatment for spinal adjustments and stretch therapy can help to manage pain and create space so the body is aligned for healing.


We believe that an integrative approach allows the body to heal itself by removing interference to the nervous system caused by misalignment of the spine.

Dr. Ariel Tomey - Owner, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Dr. Ariel Tomey serves as owner and Doctor of Chiropractic

at Aviva Family Chiropractic since 2016. 

Dr. Ariel Tomey graduated from Life University in 2013. After serving as a Chiropractor in Georgia for many years, his family decided to move back to Puerto Rico to plant new roots.

Dr. Tomey and his wife founded Chiropractic on the Go, a chiropractic house call service in 2018 and opened their Paseo Caribe office location in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2021.


Dr. Ariel Tomey understands the importance of getting to the cause of your problem and pain. He works hard to find the best procedures to help you become pain-free and get back to what makes life meaningful for you.

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 12.18.25

• Puerto Rico Chiropractic License

• GA State Chiropractic License
• Board Certified in Therapeutic

• Whiplash and Brain Injury             Traumatology Master's Certification     Graduate 2018
• Continuing Education Provider

Amanda Chinberg - Co Founder, Office Administrator


Amanda co-founded Aviva Family Chiropractic with her husband Dr. Ariel Tomey in 2016. 


Amanda also serves as Office Administrator where she happily greets clients to the office daily, schedules appointments and assists with questions. She organizes events for their non-profit educational program Espacio Salud and enjoys creating art for the office in her spare time.

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