At Aviva Family Chiropractic, Ariel Tomey, DC is skilled in various Chiropractic care treatments and tools to provide a comfortable, positive healing environment and help you reach your wellness goals.

We offer Chiropractic House Calls and Workplace Visits to many areas in Puerto Rico. Our Goal is to provide Chiropractic care conveniently to you, whether you chose an office visit or home care. 


During your visit, Dr. Tomey will review your health history, and discuss your specific health concerns and treatment options. Dr. Tomey will perform a Chiropractic examination to uncover structural and functional problems associated with the spinal column. A Chiropractic adjustment often consists of spinal manipulation and/or other regions of the body to restore proper alignment and function.

Chiropractic adjustments are a non surgical back pain relief option and can provide drug-free pain management that helps to heal the body naturally.

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Chiropractic adjustments help to naturally improve:




Dr. Tomey is excited to bring Stretch Therapy combined with the ArthroStim® instrument and myofascial tissue & muscle release techniques to create a holistic chiropractic approach.

The Arthrostim® allows Dr. Tomey to maintain the effectiveness of your adjustment while reducing the amount of force that is applied and providing a gentler experience. This dynamic combination allows us to manage a wider range of conditions comfortably.

Who can benefit from Arthrostim® chiropractic treatment?

  • Infants and young children

  • Individuals in acute pain

  • Particularly sensitive individuals

  • Individuals who dislike being “cracked”

  • Elderly individuals


Even individuals who are large and stronger (and may be difficult to adjust with a single thrust) can benefit from use of the arthrostim. Dr. Tomey may use the arthrostim by itself, or in combination with other adjusting methods, depending on the approach he feels is best for your specific case.

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