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Care Packages

At Aviva Family Chiropractic we accept Health Insurance Plans and offer Care Package options for affordable care

We Accept Health Insurance Plans

We accept the following Health Insurance Plans. If you would like to use an insurance plan, call our office before booking to verify your coverage for chiropractic care (787)-417-7794

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Care Packages

No Insurance, No Problem! We offer care packages to bring extra savings for your wellness goals. 

*Packages are nonrefundable and expire 6 months from purchase date, can be exchanged for assisted stretch or chiropractic services at Aviva Family Chiropractic of the same value.

ChiroStretch Package of 4 visits

Our Signature Service

A combination of Chiropractic Care and 1 on 1 Assisted Stretch Therapy 

($100 regular price each session)

Wellness Chiropractic Package of 5 visits

Includes Spinal Manipulation and Traction

($75 regular price each session)

Assisted Stretch Package of 5 visits

Includes Assisted Stretching

($75 regular price each session)

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