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10 Surprising Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Did you know that 80% of the U.S. population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime? If you’re dealing with it right now, and pain medication hasn’t helped, finding a chiropractor might be the best next course of action.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive manual therapy by a licensed specialist (the chiropractor) that encourages the body’s ability to self-heal. Using either their hands or an assisted instrument, the chiropractor will perform muscle and joint manipulation that can ease bodily pain.

While chiropractic treatment is great for back pain relief, its advantages don’t stop there. Here are 10 surprising health benefits you can reap from regular chiropractic care.

1. Improves posture

There’s a correlation between poor posture and pain, especially for those who live a sedentary lifestyle. Poor posture can seriously affect the spine, which can lead to pain and problems in other areas of the body.

Since chiropractors evaluate your posture before starting treatment, they can identify the cause of imbalance, such as stooped shoulders, and target that area through spinal adjustments.

2. Relieves neck pain

Neck pain is a common side effect of poor posture, whiplash injury, and poor ergonomics. Through muscle manipulation and spinal realignment, your chiropractor can help ease tension in the neck area and demonstrate exercises that aid in its recovery.

3. Boosts athletic performance

Chiropractic care can range from assisted stretching to therapeutic massage, both of which help increase blood circulation and loosen stiff muscles. Many professional athletes and sports teams hire chiropractors for on-going treatment, aiding in muscle recovery and coordination.

4. Helps ease arthritis pain

Arthritis refers to joint inflammation, which often causes symptoms of joint pain and stiffness. Certain chiropractic adjustments, including assisted stretches and gentle muscle manipulation, can help relieve tenderness and reduce muscle spasms.

5. Increases energy

Muscle stretching and manipulation are two of many chiropractic techniques that improve blood circulation and bring comfort to the joints and muscles. The result? A nice boost in your energy levels.

6. Promotes healthy digestion

As mentioned earlier, spinal misalignment can negatively affect other areas of the body, such as the nervous system. The nerves control your gastrointestinal system, which can suffer if they aren’t functioning as they should.

By realigning the vertebrae in your spine, chiropractors can relieve any pressure they placed on your nerves. In return, the nervous system sends “correct” signals of nutrient absorption and waste removal to your gut.

7. Reduces inflammation

From sore muscles to joint issues, inflammation is your body’s way of signaling something is wrong. Chiropractic adjustments, such as muscle manipulation and assisted stretches, have been shown to reduce inflammation.

8. Helps treat sciatica

Sciatica, the pain caused by an irritated or compressed sciatic nerve, can radiate from your lower back down to your feet and become a chronic pain. Stretching and manual therapy from a chiropractor can help relieve pressure on that sciatic nerve and reduce the pain.

9. Improves flexibility

Assisted stretch from a chiropractor both relieves tightness and relaxes the muscles. The combination of movements allows for a full body stretch and tissue rejuvenation, thus improving your flexibility and mobility.

10. Assists in headache relief

Stress on the neck and back can lead to both tension and migraine headaches. Fortunately, spinal manipulation from a chiropractor is an effective treatment for headaches. Additionally, chiropractors can offer professional advice on posture and neck exercises to help prevent tension in the area.

Seeing a chiropractor has several advantages that support your overall wellbeing. If you’re ready to improve your health and mobility through the many benefits of chiropractic care, Aviva is here to help.

10 chiropractic care benefits for health

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