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We Create Space
For Health

Quality Chiropractic Care, Assisted Stretching, Massage and Back Pain Relief 
San Juan, Puerto Rico 

New Patient Visit

Includes Consultation, Examination, Spinal Manipulation* and 15 minutes of Assisted Stretch Therapy*

*If referral for x-rays is not needed

Chiropractic Care Packages

What can Aviva Family Chiropractic do for you?
Using a combination of chiropractic techniques

and assisted stretching,
We Create Space For Health.


Chiropractic and other soft tissue therapies are great tools to help decrease pain.


Pain keeps us from feeling confident and engaging

in everyday activities. Movement is your best medicine.

We get you moving again.


We provide exercises and solutions so you can increase strength, and decrease the chances of re-injury.


Dr. Ariel Tomey is passionate about convenient, effective and patient-centered chiropractic care.

Serving the people of San Juan, Puerto Rico with caring, expert chiropractic care since 2018, our patients love our approach to taking care of their health.

We listen, follow up, and take the time to learn how you are doing.

This is about the relationship. We want to get you doing what makes life enjoyable for you. It's this personalized approach that you and your

family will appreciate in a chiropractor.


Aviva Family Chiropractic
at Paseo Caribe


I had a bad pinched nerve in my neck causing nerve pain to radiate down my right arm.  Luckily I found Dr. Tomey.  He was able to make a house call the same day.  After that and one follow-up visit, my issue resolved.  I've seen several chiropractors, and I was impressed by his knowledge and professionalism.  I also appreciate that he spent a great deal of time with me during both visits.  The stretches and exercises that he prescribed really have worked.  Thank you, Dr. Tomey!
Google Review from Matthew P.

Convenient service, adjusted me at my workplace. Professional and prepared. Everything was amazing, my favorite part was the neck adjustment and the stretching.
Really enjoyed and was surprised at the fact that he based the session according to my
daily physical activity. Am definitely interested in booking more sessions 👍👍👍👍

Google Review from Ysatis R.

Dr. Tomey and his ChiropracticOntheGo service was a such a delight to have when

I needed it! Being able to have a professional chiropractor who is available to make house calls ready with all of his own equipment was a relief in my time of pain. His expertise and caring presence on assessing my issues before treating me made me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you Dr. Tomey! I will be back for sure!!!

Google Review from Lisa B.

Double Tennis Players

It's Time For You To Experience Life
Free From Pain Again

Receive the care that you deserve by easily booking 

an appointment online with Aviva Family Chiropractic

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