Are you Traveling to Puerto Rico?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Are you traveling to Puerto Rico soon? Puerto Rico is an amazing place to visit. There are beautiful beaches, great food, waterfalls, music, salsa dancing and much more! Don't forget to visit our wonderful islands Culebra and Vieques when you are traveling to Puerto Rico!

Often times when we travel, we may experience some discomfort from small airplane seats, carrying heavy luggage or sleeping in a new bed. Make sure you drink plenty of water during your trip, wear sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes to ensure you are able to enjoy your well earned vacation.

At Aviva Family Chiropractic we have your Back when you are traveling to Puerto Rico. We offer Concierge Chiropractic Services available at your hotel, vacation home, office, event space and even yachts! If you are in need of back pain relief during your trip, schedule a Concierge Chiropractic Visit with us. We bring all of the tools including an adjustment table right to your door. If you are in need of a little unwinding after your flight or before an important business meeting, consider scheduling an Stretch Therapy Massage. Stretch Therapy is an excellent new health trend that increases your flexibility and will bring relaxation and rejuvenating benefits to your body.

We hope you have a wonderful trip to Puerto Rico. Aviva Family Chiropractic will be here for your wellness needs. Call us today or Book Online to schedule an appointment.

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