Benefits of Chiropractic at your home or office

Updated: May 10

Did you know Aviva Family Chiropractic offers Chiropractic House Calls?

Are you frustrated with the stress of long office waits, getting stuck in traffic, or driving long distances to receive your chiropractic care?

Could you use a break at your work or office to boost your health and productivity?

Our Chiropractic House Calls are unique and provide our clients an opportunity to have a chiropractor in the convenience of their own home, office, or event space. We provide this service to individuals, families, small groups and at corporate events. If you are planning an event and would like to provide a unique service to your guest, give us a call today!

Our chiropractic house calls include chiropractic adjustments, assisted stretch and posture analysis. Dr. Tomey uses a variety of chiropractic care treatments and tools to provide a comfortable, positive healing environment and help you reach your wellness goals.

Skip the stress and try our chiropractic home service today!

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