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One-on-One Assisted Stretching Studio
in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Stretching regularly is good for your overall health, but did you know that assisted stretching is a way to take that one step further? One-on-One Assisted Stretching is available at Aviva Family Chiropractic in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Are you living with chronic aches and pains?
Assisted Stretching can bring relief!

One-on-One Assisted Stretch is a wonderful addition to your wellness care. If you are experiencing pain, chronic aches, or recovering from an injury, assisted stretch can improve comfort and increase mobility. Try 1 on 1 Assisted Stretching!

1 on 1 Assisted Stretch Package is designed to improve the way you move and deliver long-lasting results. If you are training for a big event, a beginner to stretching, or seeking to relieve chronic pain, Assisted Stretch is for you!

Benefits of One-on-One Assisted Stretching sessions

1. Experience a Deeper Stretch
Assisted stretching allows your body to move in ways that it is not able to when stretching alone.

2. Decrease Stress
More flexibility and comfort in your body can increase your mental flexibility.

3. Decrease Pain and Stiffness
Even one assisted stretching session can leave your body feeling more limber by helping to loosen tight muscles.

4. Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
One-on One Assisted Stretching is a great way to improve joint health and flexibility.


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